Compare Synchronous Motor and Induction Motor

Synchronous motor vs Induction motor

Sr. No Points of Comparison 3 Phase Induction Motor 3 Phase Synchronous Motor
1 Construction It has simple robust construction. It has complicated construction.
2 Supply This needs only three phase supply. This needs 3 phase supply for stator and DC supply for rotor.
3 Speed This motor always runs at less than synchronous speed. This runs at synchronous speed only.
4 Effect of Load With increase in load speed decreases. Speed remains constant at all loads.
5 Power Factor Power factor is always lagging and never be leading. Power factor can be controlled by controlling excitation.
6 Damper Winding Hunting is negligible hence no damper winding is used. Hunting takes place if load is changed suddenly hence damper winding is used.
7 Starting It is a self starting motor. It is not a self starting motor.
8 Application It is used to drive different loads. It is generally used for power factor improvement as synchronous condenser.
9 Cost Capital cost of induction motor is less. Capital cost of synchronous motor is high due to its complicated construction.
10 Running charges It requires minimum maintenance hence less running charges. This motor needs more maintenance hence running charges are high.


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