Applications of Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials

Properties and Applications of Soft Magnetic Materials  Materials which have a steeply rising magnetization curve, relatively small and narrow hysteresis loop and consequently small energy losses for each cycle of magnetization are called soft magnetic materials. Soft magnetic materials are, therefore, employed in building cores for use in alternating magnetic fields. The commonest soft magnetic materials […]

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Eddy Current Loss

Hi friends, In this article, I am discussing the eddy current loss, eddy current loss formula, its causes and applications. So let us start with our topic. What is eddy current loss? Whenever the magnetic flux linking to conducting material changes, voltages are induced in all possible paths and hence the induced currents are set up

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Hysteresis Loss | Loop

Hi friends, in this article, I am going to discuss the hysteresis loss, hysteresis loop in the magnetic material in and their significance. So let us start. A ferromagnetic material consists of local regions called ‘domains,’ each of which is spontaneously magnetized. In an unmagnetized material, the directions of magnetization in different domains are different.

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