Assessing Your Wind Resource

Assessing Your Wind Resource In this article, I am going to discuss the method to determine the amount of wind available to you and when it is available.  From this information, you can select a wind turbine that will produce enough electricity to meet your needs.  An assessment of available wind resources can be made […]

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Types of Wind Energy Systems

There are three main types of wind energy systems.  These are:- Types of Wind Energy Systems In this article, we’ll examine each  system and discuss the pros and cons of each. We’ll also examine hybrid systems,  consisting of a wind turbine plus another form of renewable energy. This information will help you decide which system

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Calculation of Wind Power 

Calculation of Wind Power    To understand how important it is to mount a wind turbine on a tall tower, consider a simple mathematical equation. It’s called the power equation and is used to  calculate the power available from the wind. This equation shows us that three factors influence the output of a wind energy

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Generation and Types of Wind

Generation and Types of Wind Wind is a clean, abundant, and renewable energy  resource that can be tapped to produce electricity. This article explores how wind  is generated and introduces you to two types of wind — local and global. We’ll also  explore ways local topography affects wind, introducing you to two key concepts:  ground

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Astable, Monostable & Bistable Multivibrator

Astable, Monostable & Bistable Multivibrator Multivibrators, like the familiar sinusoidal oscillators, are circuits with regenerative feedback, with the difference that they produce pulsed output. There are three basic types of multivibrator, namely Bistable Multivibrator A bistable multivibrator circuit is one in which both LOW and HIGH output states are stable. Irrespective of the logic status

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IC Based Multivibrator Circuits

IC Based Multivibrator Circuits In this article, we will discuss monostable and astable multivibrator circuits that can be configured around some of the popular digital and linear integrated circuits. Digital IC Based Monostable Multivibrator Some of the commonly used digital ICs that can be used as monostable multivibrators include 74121 (single monostable multivibrator), 74221 (dual

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