Purely Resistive Circuit

All AC circuits are made up of the combination of resistance R, inductance L and capacitance C. The circuit elements R, L, and C are known as circuit parameters. To study a general AC circuit it is necessary to consider the effect of each parameter separately. Purely Resistive Circuit A purely resistive circuit is a

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Advantages, Disadvantages & Applications of Dielectric Heating

Dielectric heating is also known as radio frequency heating or electronic heating. When a non-metallic material such as wood, plastic, bone, or ceramic is subjected to an alternating electrostatic field, the dielectric loss occurs in it. This loss appears in the form of heat in dielectric heating. It is the basic dielectric heating principle. A

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Overhead Line Insulators

The overhead line conductors are supported on the poles or towers. In order to prevent the flow of current to earth through supports, the line conductors must be properly insulated from supports. This is achieved by securing line conductors to supports with the help of overhead line insulators. These insulators provide necessary insulation between the line

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