Refrigeration| MCQ

Refrigeration| MCQ 1. A one tonne refrigerating machine means that (a) the total weight of the machine is one tonne. (b) the quantity of the refrigerant used is one tonne. (c) one tonne of water can be converted into ice. (d) one tonne of ice when melts from and at 0°C in 24 hours, the …

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Magnetic Circuits MCQ

1. In Fig. given below, the magnetic circuit is the path (i) DAB (ii) ABCDA (iii) ABC (iv) ABCD 2. If l is the magnetic path in the above Fig., then magnetising force is (i) Nl (ii) Nl x l (iii) l ÷ NI (iv) NI ÷ l 3. The reluctance of the magnetic circuit …

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