English Grammar

Prefix and Suffix in English Grammar

Prefixes in English Grammar a- Meaning: not Examples: asynchronous (not synchronous), apolitical. acro- Meaning: high Examples: acrobatic (the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft), acrophobia. ante- Meaning: before Examples: Antemeridian (Before noon), antecede, anteroom. anti- Meaning: Against, opposed to Examples: anti-war (against war), antibody, antisocial. auto- Meaning: on its own or one’s own,

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Synthesis of Sentences

A sentence is a group of grammatically linked words that expresses a complete thought. The process by which two or more simple sentences are joined to form one-simple, compound or complex sentence is called synthesis. The process of breaking a sentence into phrases and clauses is called analysis. Synthesis of sentences is the opposite of

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Types of Clauses in English

A Clause is a part of a sentence having its own subject and predicate. Clause Analysis is the complete course in mastering the art of breaking up simple or complex or compound sentences into their different components for better understanding. It contains various rules for analyzing different kinds of clauses with several examples. The exact

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