Power plants

Biomass Renewable Energy

Biomass is an organic matter produced by plants, both grown on land (terristial biomass) and grown on water (aquatic biomass) and their derivatives and animal manure. The energy obtained from biomass is called the biomass energy. Biomass can be considered a form of solar energy as it is used indirectly to grow these plants by photosynthesis.

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Types of Biogas Plant

Types of Biogas Plant The biogas plants are built in different sizes and shapes depending on the process carried out. These plants are mainly classified as: Continuous or Batch Type Biogas Plants In the continuous type of biogas plant the biomass is fed regularly to the digester and it delivers the biogas continuously. Continuous type

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Applications of Biogas

The biogas is produced by digestion, hydrolysis and hydro-gasification. The composition of biogas is as follows: The presence of CO2, in biogas reduces its octane rating. The octane rating of biogas is 110 with CO2. In case the CO2 is removed from the biogas (CH4) its octane rating increases to about 130 as against the

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OTEC Working Principle

Hi friends,   In this article I am discussing the OTEC working principle, types, advantages and disadvantages. You will find this article informative and interesting, I hope so.   The oceans and rivers cover about 70% of the earth’s surface which receives, store and dissipates the vast amount of thermal energy. Thus they act as

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