AC fundamentals

Three Phase Power Measurement

In ac circuits, power is measured with the help of wattmeter. A wattmeter is an instrument, which consists of two coils called the potential coil (PC) and the current coil (CC). The potential coil having high resistance is connected across the load and carries the current proportional to the potential difference across the load. The current coil …

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Delta Connection

 In this method of interconnection, the dissimilar ends of three phase windings are joined together i.e. finishing end of one phase is connected to the starting end of the other phase and so on to obtain a closed circuit. The three line conductors are taken from the three junctions of mesh and are denoted by R, …

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Star Connection

If the three armature coils of a 3-phase alternator are not interconnected but are kept separate, as shown in Figure below, then each phase or circuit would need two conductors, the total number of conductors, in that case, being six. It means that each transmission cable would contain six conductors which will make the whole …

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