Switchgear Protection

Insulation coordination of Electrical Equipment

Insulation coordination of Electrical Equipment Insulation coordination means the correlation of the insulation of the various equipment in a power system to the insulation of the protective devices used for the protection of those equipment against overvoltages. In a power system, various equipment like transformers, circuit breakers, bus supports, etc. have different breakdown voltages and

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MCCB Circuit Breakers

Molded Case Circuit Breakers or MCCB circuit breakers are black plastic–cased automatic switches. They are designed to primarily protect insulating materials from overheating. Molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) are by far the most commonly used breakers in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. When an MCCB has opened (or “tripped”) to protect the circuit, it can

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Fuse Selection Criteria

The fuse provides protection by melting away a thin metal link in the faulted circuit. The metal link may be of silver, copper, or nickel, silver being more common for long-term performance stability. The fuse body is generally filled with a sand-type filler (Figure 1) to suppress sparks when the fuse link melts and interrupts the

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