Three phase induction motor

3 Phase Motor Overheating Reasons

Overheating is a major cause of insulation and bearing failure. 3 phase motor overheating reasons are as under: Line-Caused Overheating There are four causes of line-caused overheating: overvoltage, low voltage, unbalanced voltage, and a high-resistance connection. Overvoltage: Overvoltage can cause a normally loaded motor to overheat. NEMA standard specifications allow motors a voltage deviation of …

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VFD Working Principle

Hi friends, in this article, I am discussing the vfd working principle and hope you will find it very help full and informative. The squirrel-cage induction motors are the most common three-phase motors used in industrial applications. The preferred method of speed control for squirrel-cage induction motors is to vary the frequency of the supply voltage, and the system …

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