Three phase induction motor

Motor Selection Criteria

AC and DC motors come in many shapes and sizes. Some are standardized electric motors for general-purpose applications. Other electric motors are intended for specific tasks. In any case, electric motors should be selected to satisfy the requirements of the machines on which they are applied without exceeding rated electric motor temperature. Motor Selection Criteria …

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3 Phase Motor Overheating Reasons

Overheating is a major cause of insulation and bearing failure. 3 phase motor overheating reasons are as under: Line-Caused Motor Overheating Reasons There are four causes of line-caused overheating: overvoltage, low voltage, unbalanced voltage, and a high-resistance connection. Overvoltage: Overvoltage can cause a normally loaded motor to overheat. NEMA standard specifications allow motors a voltage …

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VFD Working Principle

Hi friends, in this article, I am discussing the vfd working principle and hope you will find it very help full and informative. The squirrel-cage induction motors are the most common three-phase motors used in industrial applications. The preferred method of speed control for squirrel-cage induction motors is to vary the frequency of the supply voltage, and the system …

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