Insulation Resistance Test of Transformer

The insulation resistance test of transformer complements other transformer tests. The solid winding insulation tests are not conclusive in themselves but provide valuable information on winding conditions, such as moisture content, and carbonization.  These tests are considered non-destructive even though at times they may cause a winding failure. It should be pointed out that a …

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Dissolved Gas Analysis of Transformer Oil

An oil-filled transformer insulation system consists of insulating oil and cellulose (paper) materials. Under normal use, transformer insulation deteriorates and generates certain combustible and noncombustible gases. This effect becomes more pronounced when the transformer insulation is exposed to higher temperatures.  When cellulose insulation (i.e., winding insulation) is overheated to temperatures as low as 140°C, carbon …

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Vector Group of Transformer

Hi friends, in this article, I am going to describe the significance of vector group of transformer. It is very essential information for parallel operation of transformers and is very interesting also. Connection of transformer windings can be made in a number of ways. Accordingly, different types of connections have been standardized depending upon the …

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