Why current transformer secondary should not be opened.

The current transformers are always used with the secondary windings circuit closed through ammeters, current coils of watt-meters or relay coils. Its secondary winding circuit should not be opened while its primary winding is energized. A violation of this precaution may lead to serious consequences. Here, I am discussing the reasons behind it.   As …

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Instrument Transformer

For the measurement of large currents and high voltages in AC circuits, specially constructed accurate ratio transformers are used in conjunction with low range AC instruments. These specially constructed transformers are known as instrument transformers. Types of Instrument Transformer There are two types of instrument transformer. These are: Potential Transformers (PTs) Current Transformers (CTs) These instrument …

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Types of Transformer

There are many types of transformers. These can be classified on the different basis. Following are the main types of transformers.   Types of Transformers on the Basis of Core Arrangement   On the basis of core and winding arrangement, following are the main types of transformers: Core type transformer Shell type transformer Berry type …

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