DC Motor

DC Motor Characteristics

The performance of a DC motor can be judged by its characteristics and a motor for any particular application can be selected easily. In this article, dc motor characteristics are discussed in detail.   The performance characteristics of DC motor are Torque versus armature current (T v/s Ia) Speed versus armature current (N v/s Ia) …

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Types of DC Motor

On the basis of armature and field winding connection, following are the different types of dc motor: Types of DC Motor DC shunt motor DC series motor Compound motors Separately excited DC motors Permanent magnet DC motors DC Shunt Motor In the DC shunt motor, the armature and field winding are connected in parallel as …

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Construction of DC Motor

Hi friends, in this article, I am discussing construction of dc motor and hoping you will find it useful. A DC motor or a DC machine consists of two windings namely field winding and armature winding. The field winding is stationary and armature winding can rotate. The field winding produces a magnetic flux in the …

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