JFET Construction and Working

JFET Construction and Working The junction field-effect transistor (JFET) is a three element electronic device. Its operation is based on the conduction of current carriers through a single piece of semiconductor material. This piece of material is called the channel. An additional piece of semiconductor material is diffused into the channel. This element is called […]

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Light Sensitive Devices

Light Sensitive Devices Light-sensitive devices include photo cells, solar cells, photo-diodes, and photo-transistors.  Photo Cell It is a light-sensitive device in which the internal resistance changes with a change in light intensity. The resistance change is not proportional to the light striking it. The photo cell is made from light-sensitive material such as cadmium sulfide

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SCR Selection Criteria

There are two categories of SCR, the fast turn-off inverter grade SCR and relatively slow turn-off converter grade SCR. Some of the properties of these are interdependent and designers have aimed to combine them in most suitable manner. The application therefore decides what category is to be chosen. Once the category is chosen in each

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