Transistor as a Switch

A transistor can also act as a switch and can turn ON and OFF power in an electrical load. The action of the transistor, while using a transistor as a switch is explained below: Switching Action of a Transistor To understand the switching action of a transistor in detail, consider the collector characteristics for a

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Working of Stepper Motor

Hi friends, In this article, I am discussing the “working of stepper motor“. This article will definitely increase your knowledge about stepper motors, I hope so. The stepper motors convert electrical pulses received by their excitation (control) winding into discrete angular displacements-commonly called as steps. The characteristic property of the stepper motor is the step-by-step turning of the

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OTEC Working Principle

Hi friends,   In this article I am discussing the OTEC working principle, types, advantages and disadvantages. You will find this article informative and interesting, I hope so.   The oceans and rivers cover about 70% of the earth’s surface which receives, store and dissipates the vast amount of thermal energy. Thus they act as

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Solar Panel Working Principle

Hi friends, in this article I am going to discuss about solar panel working principle and hope you will like my effort. In the solar photovoltaic system, solar energy is directly converted to electric power. This makes the system far more convenient and compact compared to thermal methods of solar energy conversion. The solar cell technology is

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